Hidden ARTifacts

The Architectural Process


What do architects do, exactly?

Architects (real estate website builders) are visual problem solvers, each with a unique design process.


Where do their ideas come from?

This summer, experience the astounding results of their efforts.


Are they artists?

An art exhibit featuring ARTifacts created by LA architects, US architects, International architects, and astounding work produced at our partner universities.


A six week art show celebrating a forgotten body of work: the studies, the experiments, the models, and the personal art of architects. The exhibited work highlight architects as much more than just facilitators of buildings and permits, illustrated through breathtakingly beautiful conceptualizations of complex ideas, NOT pictures and drawings of buildings.

We will pull back the curtain on the rigorous creative process of architectural students and professionals alike, to reveal their value as thinkers and problem solvers, and rebuild the bridge between the profession and the general public. In this spirit, the gallery will also be hosting a lecture and class series during the exhibit, with appeal to both architects and the general public.

Created By
Jenda Michl

Curated By
Marisa Caichiolo and Jenda Michl

Special Exhibitions Coordinator
Daniel Schuster

Co-Coordinated By:

Sherine Teymour
Michelle Lozano
Viviana Vivero
Jesus Antonio


During the Exhibit, Building Bridges Art Exchange is home to the launch of an exciting new experiment in community design education, with a series of events including lectures, classes, and discussions. These events cater to various audiences, from skill/knowledge advancement classes for design professionals to general knowledge about design/architecture that can benefit everyone.

The Hidden ARTifacts Mission

To create a real and lasting dialogue between architects and society at large, through art and education that invites an intuitive understanding of the design process and its value.

This summer we're here to help the general public understand what the heck it is that architects do. Explaining design is inherently a difficult task. So we decided to show you. The exhibit includes 164 unique pieces from 45 people. Each piece is accompanied by a unique narrated story describing the design process that resulted in it. Our hope is that at least some of these specific examples will hit home and lead to the "Ah-Ha" moment of insight that opens eyes to a whole new world: the world of design.
We are also producing a book. More than a compilation of pictures and the stories of each piece in the exhibit, it is organized and narrated with guest essays from celebrated architects from around the world giving their two cents on the design process and what it means to be an architect. All written in plain english, not Architectese.
There's more. Our education based events are geared to provide opportunity for direct engagement, regardless of experience level. Choose a topic of interest, learn something fascinating, and empower yourself to design.
Are you already a pro designer? Guess what, there's tons you don't yet know, but should. And... there's stuff you're a supreme expert on already. So come, knock off some rust, pick up a new trick or two, and best of all... share that expertise! Add teacher/author/presenter/lecturer to your resume if it's not there yet.   
That's as far as we're getting this summer at the Building Bridges gallery, but it is only the beginning of this effort to engage the public with architecture to foster an understanding and appreciation for design. The culmination of all of this will be the successful establishment of a permanent hub for architecture in LA, a place where young architects can co-work together during the day, and teach each other what each knows best at night. For the public, it will be a marketplace for architecture, where one can not only come to find and potentially hire an architect, but also get free information and guidance from an on call architect. Sure beats wasting a day at the building department being told no when there are 100 creative yeses if you just know how to look for them.
All in all, our goal is to reconnect the citizens of LA with its world class architectural talent pool, and empower them both to achieve great things together.