Donate please, we're a 501(c)3, so it's tax exempt!

Help us help, well... everyone!

We are excited to gift LA with a 6 week art show and month long educational event series, with the purpose of creating greater dialogue and understanding between architects and property owners (the general public), inspiring people to to hire architects, while also empowering them to design their own small projects. It's going great, we had almost 400 people at the art opening, and have great high caliber speakers/instructors committed. 
If you believe in the power of education, design, or collaboration, please donate so that we may continue this project.
While Hidden ARTifacts appears to be a final product, it is also a fundraiser toward the establishment of a permanent nerve center and marketplace for architecture and design in LA. Imagine a dynamic office full of co-working architects, mated with a Peer-to-Peer Academy that includes courses benefiting homeowners and the general public of LA, as well as a staffed info desk for free architecture consultations. Hidden ARTifacts is essentially a 6 week launch party and fundraiser towards the realization of this vision.

So, what is this help for everyone we're promising?

For Architects:

Free, relevant classes to foster continuous professional growth and improvement
Affordable co-working space - a professional version of the graduate school studio experience
Opportunity to teach, speak, mentor, and otherwise give back while building authority
Collaborative opportunities. Think of it as an incubator stocked with like minded creatives
Big office resources and fabrication/professional partnerships
Continuous exposure to clients (visitors)
Free Marketing and PR

For the Public:

Free and Low-Cost general interest classes related to design professions.
A one-stop marketplace to meet/consult with multiple architects.
A public service architecture concierge desk pertaining to building/buying/remodeling around LA.
Understand what architects do, before you need to hire one
Get to know architects before you need one.
a with as a funThat said, we have incurred many expenses and We're actively seeking sponsors/donors (501c3, so fully tax deductible), and it struck me that this could be an ideal audience for Home Advisor. Heck, one of the classes we'll offer is titled, "How to 3D model your home renovation" and the audience is a mix of architects, art collectors, and general public interested in either of the above. The subliminal goal is to convince more people to hire architects, while also empowering and inspiring them to design their own small projects.

If you read this far down, you're intrigued.  
We are building a "for us by us" style support system for architects here that could prevent many of them from ending up bartending, designing sets, or generally giving up on the dream. Every dollar counts, and you can help give the world's most talented designers a support system that allows them to flourish. LA needs this.